Who needs to complete an annual Self-Assessment Tax return?



If you are one of the following, then you are likely to be required by HMRC to file an annual Self-Assessment return.  

  • You are self-employed, or operating as a partner in a partnership.

  • You receive additional income from savings, investments or property.

  • You are the director of a Limited Company.

  • You work in the UK Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

  • You receive additional income from overseas whilst based in the UK.

  • Your annual income is over £100k.

  • You are a parent claiming child benefit and earn in excess of £50,000 per annum.


HMRC will contact you every year to confirm you need to file a Self- Assessment return.


If you find this annual obligation a chore, use our self-assessment service to complete the work and file it for you.



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